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Full Colour Vehicle Magnets

in Spixworth, Norwich, Norfolk

We print onto quality outdoor self adhesive vinyl and add a protective laminate. This is then mounted onto a specialist magnetic sheet that is designed to adhere to the steel in a car body. The panels are rated up to 70mph, and are totally weather proof. Ideal for turning a personal vehicle into a work vehicle in a matter of seconds!

Magnetic panels are ideal for people that don't want their cars or vans to look like a commercial vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy to put in place when you need them, and easy to remove when you don't. Simple!

Size Price Each
300 x 200mm £8.50
300 x 300mm £12.50
300 x 400mm £15.50
300 x 500mm £18.50
300 x 600mm £22.50
400 x 500mm £25.50
400 x 600mm £28.00
500 x 700mm £39.00

Printed Vehicle Magnets

Printed magnetic signs for cars and vans are a great product for those that want vehicle graphics can that can be remove when not required. Most vehicle graphics are permanent, at least until you come to completely remove them, but with magnetic signs you are free to remove and replace them as much as you want. This makes them ideal for people who use their cars and and for both domestic and commercial purposes, as the livery can easily be removed when you're not at work, or working for someone else.

Magnetic Signs for Cars

Many people see magnetics as being manly for vans, but of course there's no reason why they can't be used on cars too. As long as the vehicle is made from a magnetic material such as steel (not aluminium, fibreglass or carbon fibre) the magnetic signs will stick just fine. Vehicle graphics have always been seen as a great way of advertising any business regardless of whether the vehicle in question is actually used actively in that business, so why not add them to your personal vehicle too? You can remove them when you;d really rather not have them on there, but for day to day use, why not spread the word about your business or event? Any publicity is good publicity!

Magnetic Signs for Vans

As we've said, use of magnetic signs on commercial vehicles is probably the most common. They are often used by self employed works who subcontract out to other employers on a part time basis. While they're on site, working on behalf of someone else, it can be really beneficial and look great to have that company's graphics on the vehicle. Once off site, or when working for someone else (or on a self employed basis) the person can remove the graphics altogether, or replace them with another, different set.Signs range from small A3 size panels to go on doors or the back panel, right up to bespoke cut panels designed to fit in the side or rear window recesses.

Magnetic Signs - How Fast Can You Go?

This is a very common question, and the answer is that the magnetic sheet material is rated by the manufacturer up to 70mph. Of course, it may well adhere well at higher speeds, but as 70mph is the maximum speed limit in the UK they have no need to go out on a limb and offer a rating higher than this. To ensure the graphic stays put, make sure it is on a flat (or 2 dimensionally curved but definitely not spherical) section of bodywork, that is free of heavy grease, dirt or other contaminants. When cared for in this way I've never heard of a case where a magnetic car or van sign came loose during driving.

Caring For Your Magnetic Vehicle Sign

I have heard people in the past say that magnetic van signs can make your van go rusty, but this is incorrect. When cared for properly there should be no adverse effects to the vehicle and the magnetic sign should last for years. The magnetic effect is also rated for last for decades, so do not worry about the pull reducing until the sign starts to slip. It is important to clean underneath your magnetic vehicle sign regularly. Remove the graphic and clean it thoroughly with hot soapy water, and do the same on the vehicle, rinsing both carefully. Wait for the van and the panel to dry before replacing the graphics. Doing this regularly will prevent any dirt from getting under the panel and marking the paint.

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